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Keagan Williams

Senior VFX Artist at Kegsfx

Keagan Williams has a background in Unreal Engine VFX for games, cinematics, and visualizations. He’s worked on AAA, AA, and indie game,s including titles such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He also enjoys working on solo development and personal projects, such as his marketplace asset, “Splash Pack by Kegsfx.” 

Before working in games, Keagan was using Unreal Engine to design and visualize Mega Media Installations, which included large-scale video projections, lasers, water fountains, and more!

Follow Keagan on YouTube @kegsfx8603 and on Twitter @keagan_williams.

  • Keagan has been a pillar to build the real-time FX department when it was still new in our company. He is able to create stunning effects by combining different tech/software like Houdini and Unreal. Keagan is a really technical person who has been on the front line of the RnD running in the department, exploring the limit of what is possible to do in real-time.

    - Jerome "DjeH" Hereng
    Head of FX/Lighting/Procedural Development at Sparx, a Virtuos Studio