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Bryant Momo Koshu

Senior Concept Artist

Bryant Momo Koshu is an experienced concept artist with over a decade of industry experience. He has collaborated with top studios including Konami, Skydance Interactive, Deviation Games, and most recently worked as a Senior Concept Artist at Survios. 

Throughout his time in the gaming industry, he has honed his passion for combining 2D, 3D, and VR techniques to bring his ideas to life. His adaptable approach has made him highly efficient and enables him to tackle concept art from multiple perspectives.

  • Bryant's skill and creativity are top-notch, and he is an excellent collaborator and teammate. He's able to execute on ideations quickly and thoroughly, and exceed your expectations with his results. Bryant presents outstanding quality out of his dedicated work ethic. In addition to his skills as an artist, Bryant is a fantastic teamplayer, constantly encouraging and takes and gives feedback well and concisely. His joy is evidence of his passion and love of what he does. He pivots quickly, and his genuine positive attitude brightens up every meeting. I can't recommend Bryant enough. If you're looking for artistry and talent manifested in a really great person, you've found him!

    - Miki Gao
    Associate Producer at Psyonix

  • Bryant is the best hard-surface designer I've ever seen; his work is spectacular, his sensitivity to detail and function is something to highlight, and I hope to work with him again because his work inspires me to improve.

    - Julian Calle
    Principal Expert Concept Artist at Netease

  • Bryant is a great Concept Artist. By that I don't just mean he's a great illustrator (which he is). I mean that he has all the qualities you would like to see in someone you hire for the Concept Artist role. He is a great collaborator, bringing to the table tons of ideas and no ego. After brainstorming, he can turn your whiteboard notes into solid, compelling, and well communicated visuals. If turn-around time is a factor, he can work flexibly to best achieve, and usually exceed, the goals. If you're working in new technology (as we were with VR), Bryant is unafraid to dive in, and quick to innovate, leading to nimble workflow, and contributing to nimble-minded team culture. In short, he embodies the notion that it's more than great draftsmanship that makes a great Concept Artist, and he brings that value to the team.

    - Mark Domowicz
    Project Director at Skydance Interactive

  • Bryant was a pivotal team member at Yellow Tracksuit Entertainment and a large part of the company's success. His hard work and dedication, as well as his willingness to do whatever it took for the team to succeed, were invaluable. For that, I am incredibly thankful to have had him as a part of the team! In addition to the intangibles in his glowing personality, it was his incredible craftsmanship as a designer and artist, which was even more impressive. Bryant was able to adapt his style to suit the needs of any project, and soaked up new information like a sponge! Whether it was concept art for feature films, or stylized, simple forms in animation, Bryant was a design chameleon!

    - Jin Han
    Director at Yellow Tracksuit Entertainment